Project Deliverables

To ensure the smooth and effective running of the project in order to achieve the main objectives.
  • D1.1 – First Project Activity and Financial Reports [Restricted dissemination level]
  • D1.2 – Final Project Activity and Financial Reports [Restricted dissemination level]
To ensure that the network’s deliberations and outputs are informed by and compatible with cutting edge research on innovation systems
Complete a major fact-finding mission comparing science funding strategies and innovation policies in Europe, the US, China, Japan, India, Australia and South Africa.
To ensure that industry and end-user views are taken into account in the convergence roadmap.
To provide input to deliberations from three case studies with practical relevance for the notion of and the need for responsible research and innovation (RRI).
To communicate widely the findings and outcomes of the project while allowing stakeholders and policy makers to inject their perspective into the project.
Develop a strategy for fostering the convergence of regional innovation systems at the global level.