From nanotechnologies to emerging technologies; towards a global responsibility. S.Net International Conference 2015

The Society for the Study of Nanosciences and Emerging Tecgnologies (S.Net), in partnership with Network for the study of Ethical, Economic, Environmental, Legal and Social aspects regarding Nanotechnologies (Ne3LS Network) is hosting an international conference to initiate thought-provoking discussion on the responsible development of nanotechnology and emerging technologies. The 7th S.Net International Conference will explore the following themes within an international and multidisciplinary framework:

  • Scientific and social assessment of emerging technologies for a sustainable society
  • Responsible research and innovation in a global context
  • Emerging technologies in energy, food and agriculture
  • Safety research; from occupational health to ecohealth
  • The economics, politics and ethics of innovation
  • Emerging technologies and the future; narratives, visions and practices
  • Governance and regulation; international and North-South perspective
  • Innovation and the military complex.

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The extended deadline for papers submission is July 3, 2015.