Responsible Research and Innovation in industrial practice: the case of ICT for an ageing society

The Responsible Industry project consortium has undertaken an in-depth analysis and consultation of stakeholders in Europe and beyond in order to identify the critical elements that should be addressed to pursue RRI, focusing on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and services for an ageing society.

Key questions are:
  • What are the principles, methodologies and governance tools that can help industry to attain the RRI goals?
  • What are the experiences of industry and other stakeholders regarding RRI practices?

Stakeholders from industry, policy makers, regulators, researchers, Civil Society Organizations and all people active or interested in RRI and ICT for an ageing society are invited to participate in a this first dialogue initiative of the project in which a draft Implementation Plan will be presented indicating how industry can work together with societal actors to integrate RRI into the research and innovation process.

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