Institute of World Economics and Politics (IWEP),Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS)

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The Institute of World Economics and Politics (IWEP) was founded in 1964 as one of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institutes devoted to the study of international economics and politics. IWEP is engaged in policy‐oriented and theoretical research, mainly covering global macro‐economy, international finance, international trade, international investment, industrial economics, international political theory, with a special reference to China’s economic practices and policies. Since the establishment of IWEP, the Institute has been closely involved in extensive international collaboration and exchange programs with leading international think‐tanks, universities, international organisations and relevant departments of foreign governments.

IWEP regularly organises academic seminars and conferences to discuss topical international issues and is also involved with many foundation‐sponsored research projects. IWEP provides educational opportunities through the Department of World Economics and Politics at the Graduate School of CASS, offering Doctorate Degrees on World Economy and International Relations, Master Degrees on World Economy, Finance, International Trade and Investment, and International Politics. The Institute also has post‐doctoral research programs.

IWEP publishes the following academic journals: Journal of World Economy (monthly), World Economics and Politics (monthly), International Economic Review (bi‐monthly), China & World Economy (bi‐monthly, in English), The Yearbook of World Economy (annually). In addition, the CASS also publishes books and working papers on a broad set of international issues, such as The Yellow Book of World Economy, The Yellow Book of International Politics, Frontier Issues on World Economics, and Frontier Issues on International Relations Theories and Strategies.

Yao-Zhizhong-IWEPDr Yao Zhizhong is a senior fellow and Assistant Director of IWEP. He got his Economics in 2002.His primary research area is macroeconomics and international economics.

Han-Bing-IWEPDr Han Bing is an associate research fellow at IWEP and she got her law in 2007. Her primary research area is international investment law, international human rights law and Constitution.

Li-Guoxue-IWEPDr Li Guoxue is an associate research fellow at IWEP and he got his Economics in 2007.His primary research area is international investment and global production networks.