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The Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics (CAPPE) is an Australian Research Council Special Research Centre. CAPPE commenced operations in 2000 and is the one of the world’s leading research centres in applied ethics. CAPPE aims to assist members of the community to make more ethically informed choices by making available the considerable resources of the rich tradition in philosophical theory, as well as other information, such as empirical research and the statement of fundamental human rights in international instruments.

CAPPE aims to combine frontier research in social and applied philosophy with close attention to the concrete problems and requirements of practitioners in the public sphere. The Centre’s blend of in‐depth research and presence in the public sphere not only sets its work apart from otherwise comparable centres, but the interplay between these different elements improves the quality and relevance of the research and its impact on public life.

CAPPE has a proven track record of collaborating with European (e.g. Delft Technical University, Bradford/Exeter/Wellcome Trust dual use project) and other international (e.g., WHO (TB, dual‐use and collaborating centre for bioethics), HIF, UNESCO, Govnet etc.) institutions in research on the ethical and philosophical considerations in innovation, science, and technology.

John-Weckert-CAPPEProf. John Weckert is Professorial Fellow at the Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics and Professor of Computer Ethics at Charles Sturt University. He is the founding editor‐in‐chief of the Springer journal NanoEthics: Ethics for Technologies that Converge at the Nanoscale. His current research interests are in the ethics of technology, especially new technologies.

Emma-Rush-CAPPEDr Emma Rush is a lecturer in philosophy and ethics at Charles Sturt University. Her research focuses on applied ethics, particularly environmental ethics and public ethics. Emma is also active in professional ethics, writing about newly professionalising work areas such as complementary medicine and creative industries, as well as teaching undergraduate and postgraduate students in human services and health.

Mary-Walker-CAPPEDr Mary Walker is a research assistant at the Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics, Charles Sturt University, and a Research Fellow at Macquarie University. Her current research focuses on defining disease in relation to overdiagnosis. Other research interests include narrative and practical identity, neuroethics, and philosophical contributions to health and health policy, with a particular interest in drug policy.