Progress Kick-off Meeting Minutes (scientific part)

ProGReSS-Minutes-Kick-off-Meeting-Scientific-PartThe promotion of responsible research and innovation has been and continues to be a significant preoccupation for UNESCO, especially within its actions in bioethics, ethics of science and technology and human rights.

The pertinence and urgency of this concept, unsurprisingly, is most embedded in the Organization’s bioethical reflections, including in its most recent normative instrument within this field, the Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights of 2005. This is unsurprising because the logical and rational linkage between research and development in medicine and life sciences, to the health, bodily integrity and human dignity of the person and the community is readily accepted in the public imagination.

This linkage is in no small way illustrated by numerous tragic instances in modern human history, which highlighted the adverse effects of irresponsible research in these fields on society, often resulting in gross violations of human rights.

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