The winners of the ProGReSS RRI Short Story Competition

To reach younger audiences, ProGReSS ran a short story competition in conjunction with local schools in China, South Africa, Spain, Germany, Australia, the US and the UK.

43 stories from three continents were submitted and translated into English. The theme of the competition was existing or imagined innovations that can make a considerable difference in one’s life.

The winning story came from South Africa and the two runners-ProGReSS_Short Story Competition-Winnersup from China and Spain.

The Jury, chaired by the ProGReSS Co-ordinator Doris Schroeder, found the South African story very well researched and forward looking, the Chinese story wittily written and the whole Jury wanted to have this invention and the Spanish story was regarded as highly imaginative.

We are delighted to share with you the winners creative look into the future!