ProGReSS at the PACITA conference 2015!

Our colleague MiltoMiltos_PACITA2015s presented ProGReSS at the PACITA project conference “The Next Horizon of Technology Assessment” on 26 February 2015 at the session “Responsible Research and Innovation in Europe – First Lessons Learned”.

The session was chaired by Stephan Lingner (European Academy, Progress Partner) and Michael Decker (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology). The other presenters were coordinators of RRI projects: Petra Ahrweiler (project GREAT), Bernd Stahl (projects Responsible Industry and Human Brain) and Christopher Coenen (project SYNENERGENE).

The session was well-attended by RRI experts from Europe and the European Commission (e.g. Rene von Schomberg) and policy makers (e.g. the Head of the Innovation Department of the German Science Ministry). There was a lively discussion after the presentation of ProGReSS about the definition and operationalisation of RRI with von Schomberg supporting the approach of ProGReSS as process-driven analysis. One could conclude that ProGReSS is unique in its approach both in obtaining information on RRI at the global level and also in including “inclusive innovation” in its analysis; both aspects were well received. The link to the conference is: