Deliverable D4.2 is out

One more report of ProGReSS’ Outreach WP has been completed!

In this report, responsible and societally desirable research and innovation is linked to the challenges of end-user engagement and especially to the challenges of the inclusion of the most marginalised groups in society into the innovation process.

The involvement and, moreover, the engagement of end-users in particular, and the society in general (meaning the public and civil society stakeholders), is a necessary path towards the implementation of RRI, making innovation with and for end-users and society more effective, ethical and societally desirable.

Two cases in which inclusive innovation has been made possible through the engagement of end-users as innovators are presented: innovations in the medicinal field, based on the knowledge of the Southern African San people mediated through an NGO (SASI), and grassroots innovations in India.

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