Strengthening Support for Small-­Scale Farmers’ Seed Systems

ProGReSS’s outreach activity continued in September with a multidisciplinary meeting in Stellenbosch,  South  Africa, where  policy makers, researchers, NGO and African farmer representatives jointly discussed how innovation in the food sector meets a pressing societal challenge: food security.

The minutes of the meeting can be downloaded here, together with the outputs of an interactive session where four working groups (the  research  community, civil  society  organisations, NGOs  working  directly  with   farmers,  and  Government  agencies) answered the following questions:

1. List  the  three  most  important  steps  your  sector  can  take  or  needs  to  take  in  order  to   support  farmer-­‐led  seed  systems.
2. Looking  forward:  what  3  activities  will  enable  you  to  take  the  steps  listed  above?