!Khwa ttu – ProGReSS returns to South Africa

IMG_4666As we announced in our previous post, ProGReSS returned to South Africa (!Khwa ttu) for a follow-up workshop on indigenous people’s input into innovation. This time we were able to bring together delegates from two national ministries (Department of Science and Technology; Department of Environmental Affairs), Industry, scientific research organisations, Academia, NGOs and, importantly, leaders from a range of San groups. Ably chaired by the new Director of SASI, Hennie Swartz, the meeting galvanized further support in areas relevant to RRI (e.g. co-innovation models, benefit sharing, knowledge recordal systems). Full illustrated minutes will be made available later in the year.

ProGReSS’ first docuP1010682mentary about innovation involving marginalised communities (and the buchu plant!) was filmed during the same week of the workshop. The short film will give voice to the main stakeholders and describe innovation processes involving indigenous knowledge holders, responsible industry players, local small holders, and scientists.

Whilst the filming of interviews at the Progress !Khwa ttu workshop and in other locations in South Africa was successfully concluded, the film is expected to be released on our YouTube channel in January 2015. Once again, a warm “thank you” to the SASI team for excellent co-ordination of meetings!