Responsible Innovation, Societal Challenges and Marginalised Communities in Africa

P1010781ProGReSS’ outreach activity in Africa is not over!
SASI, the SAN, ProGReSS and the South African Department for Science & Technology will meet again on September 1 for a follow up of the workshop SAN Knowledge and Innovation held in Kimberley on March this year.
One of the most challenging aspects in RRI best practice is to allow end users to become innovators, makers of innovation and knowledge, not just beneficiaries.
With this new workshop ProGReSS will collect further inputs from the SAN community on how western innovation systems can engage them in projects of responsible and societally desirable innovation.
You can access the invitation to the workshop and the agenda here.
At the workshop, a documentary will be started with interviews of the delegates. Our film-maker student from UCLan, Amy Azra Dean (ProGReSS YouTube Channel) will be part of the ProGReSS team to record a documentary film on using the South African plant Buchu in innovations. The San have held traditional knowledge onthe Buchu for decades and a benefit sharing agreement with a South African company has now beensigned. The team will also visit the company and San elders in a localvillage. 
On their return to Cape Town, the second part of the workshops with marginalised communities will take place, expanding ProGReSS’s outreach activities beyond the holders of traditional knowledge to small scale farmers as seed innovators. Policy makers, researchers, NGO and African farmer representatives will jointly discuss how innovation in the food sector can address a pressing societal challenge: food security.
The programme of this second workshop here.