SAN Knowledge and Innovation – Minutes of the Kimberley Workshop

PROGRESS_KimberleyWorkshop_minutesAs pointed out by Hilary Sutcliffe, “RRI is about creating a shared understanding of the appropriate behaviours of the EC, governments, business and NGOs which is central to building the trust and confidence of the public and other stakeholders in the safe and effective systems, process and products of innovation.” 

For its Outreach workpackage the ProGReSS consortium benefits of an incredible opportunity: reporting on the dialogue between Industry and a highly marginalised community (the SAN) while advocating a new approach where the end-users are the inspiration for as well as the makers of the innovation themselves.

Building the trust needed for RRI to be successfully implemented is a process that starts with a challenge: the inclusion and engagement of all societal actors. To read more about how ProGReSS is working on this challenge please follow the link below:

ProGReSS_SAN Knowledge and Innovation-KimberleyWorkshop_Minutes

You can access the Afrikaans translation of the workshop minutes here:

ProGReSS_KimberleyWorkshop_minutes Afrikaans