RRI at ESOF2014

The first five RRI projects funded by the European Commission came together for ESOF2014. “The premier science event of the year” gathered 4,500 delegates in Copenhagen from 21 – 26 June 2014. Queen Margrethe II and President of the EC Barroso opened the proceedings.
Together with Karen Fabbri (the RRI project officer from the EC) and Hilary Sutcliffe, the 5 Co-ordinators took part in a panel on RRI moderated by BBC science journalist Quention Cooper.
A short film of the panel produced by the ProGReSS project in collaboration with UCLan film student Amy Azra Dean is available at the ProGReSS YouTube Channel.

Go5 Co-ordinators

The Go5 Co-ordinators (top left to bottom right): Aki Menevidis, Bernd Stahl, Philippe Goujon, Doris Schroeder, Ralf Linder.