Interproject RRI workshop, Brussels

Delegates of the 4 recently funded EC projects on Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) met at REA headquarters in Brussels, on September 12-13. The objective of this two-day workshop was to explore potential complementarities and scope for coordination between these 4 projects. Indeed, GREAT, ProGReSS, Res-AgorA, and RESPONSIBILITY share not only a common funding source (under the Programme “Science in Society/SiS”, 7th Framework Programme of the European Commission), but also research objectives and an interest in furthering awareness and understanding of Responsible Research and Innovation.

Introduced by the project officer, Karen Fabbri, the workshop provided ample opportunity for presentations, group discussion, exchanges of argument, topical breakout session, and informal meetings. All this in a very positive and cheerful atmosphere, though conflicting viewpoints were not shied away from.

Project coordinators presented recent progress, decisions, and current puzzles, finding a receptive and reactive audience for intellectual exchange. It was very promising to see that so much has been developed only 6 months into the projects, but also how cohesive the existing network already is.

The ProGReSS delegation was constituted of Doris Schroeder (UCLAN), Roger Chennels (SASI), Michael Davis (IIT), Bruno Turnheim (CSSC), and Amy Dean, a film student who recorded a series of interviews with participants that we will be releasing soon.

Delegates from the 4 RRI projects, Brussels


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